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How was Tumaini born?

How was Tumaini born?

Post by Monica Herrerasproject coordinator

There are many people who ask us how Tumaini was born. The story (in summary, don't be scared) is as follows:

My name is Mónica and I suppose I belong to that group of people who chose to study thinking more about professional opportunities than personal motivations. 

When I finished my university studies and started working in the financial department of a multinational, I did nothing but let myself be carried away by inertia. Deep down, I knew that this inertia was limited, my interests were taking other paths. Despite this, work was not bad, there was a good atmosphere with the rest of the colleagues and it allowed me to do what I really liked in my free time, among other things. travel, get to know other cultures and learn.

Tumaini: The story of an illusion

In Amritsar, India

I have traveled many countries with my backpack on my shoulder trying to always do responsible and sustainable tourism. 

This to me means discover a country from within

As? Losing myself, talking to its people and trying to get closer to places through the pupils of its inhabitants. As a rule of thumb I would say that always learning. Because I have always defended that traveling in this way is an enormous learning experience, at least for me it has been. Learning from things that in our society are far away, some of which we have never experienced, others we have forgotten along the way... All of this has helped me to have a global perspective of the world we live in.

The years passed and more and more I felt the need for a change, but these give a bit of vertigo, and much more if it means giving up stability, to what is known. In my closest environment, many believed that I had "lost my mind", because after thinking about it a thousand times, I decided to request a one-year leave of absence to coordinate a training program. solidarity holidays What does the NGO have? Afrikable in kenya. Project that I fell in love with the previous year participating as a volunteer and with which, to this day, I continue to collaborate.

Since then, I have coordinated groups of people volunteers both nationally and internationally, while the little seed of Tumaini was growing within me, which by the way means hope at Swahili.

Travel with Tumaini

Throughout these years I have met many people who want to make a solidarity trip And you don't really know where to start. 

sometimes it worries travel alone or alone and the insecurity or uncertainty of the work to be done in the project. 

By doing so through a platform, it allows us to put you in contact with other people who want to live a similar experience and receive information, help and advice in a more personalized way about the Projects in which you can participate.

In addition, at Tumaini, we guarantee that these projects arereliable because we have visited them before and collaborated with them as volunteersMany need to receive aid but they do not have a structure that allows them to get in touch with interested people at an international level.

In the project with which we collaborate in Kenya
In addition we offer training

We consider the course to be essential to carry out a trip of this type and reach the destination sensitized, with certain basic notions about the world of volunteering and knowing the impacts of tourism among other things.


Tumaini: a dream come true

Many people have joined Tumaini contributing their time, knowledge and enthusiasm. The members of the equipment we work in a way voluntary and we share something: all of us really believe in the project and in the importance of making a solidarity trip. Taking a trip of this type can change lifeNot only yours but other people's. Effort and desire are not lacking.

From here I want to thank you because Tumaini It is a dream and, as a song by Calle 13 says, “Now dreams are real because you daydream”.

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