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Nairobi's friendly side

Nairobi's friendly side

Near Nairobi I was going to visit two projects but one of them makes a big deal out of volunteers so I have ruled it out. This is one of the reasons why I want to see all the projects, to ensure that it is a real project, that it is well managed and that the volunteers are not just used as walking euros.

After the disappointment of this project in Nairobi, the second one has more than made up for it. It is again an orphanage located in Bypass, about 30-40 min from the centre of Nairobi, not far from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and in a quiet area. This project is also managed by a local couple, he is a retired pastor and she is a retired secondary school teacher. When they retired, and since their children were adults, they decided to invest all their savings in this orphanage where they take care of each and every child as if they were their own. You can tell that they really believe in what they do and they have made me feel like one of the family. They have 27 boys and girls, each one with very hard stories behind them: abuse, abandonment... The children are around 6 years old on average.

Founders and all-round parents, Mr & Ms Mbaya

Kids playing after school

The volunteers have a very well equipped room in the same centre and share the day to day life with both the children and the founders, as they are in constant contact with each other. They have created a school with 4 different levels. She continues to teach every morning in one of the classes and he sits down every afternoon to correct the children's homework, make sure they shower and eat properly.

They accept volunteers of any profile, but what would suit them best are teachers, people who can lend a hand in expanding the size of the school, health professionals to give hygiene workshops with the children and teachers, do check-ups... and also people who want to lend a hand in the vegetable garden they have.

With Sara and Mercy in the school yard


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  • Carlos García Oria
    February 22, 2014

    Hello, my wife and I are very interested in visiting this orphanage. She is a dentist, I am a biologist although I have never practised, and I like to work with wood.
    We would like to contact you to discuss this or similar projects in Africa.
    As soon as I get Tumaini's contact I will write to you as well.
    Thank you for having chosen this path and, above all, thank you for giving the option to share it.
    See you soon.
    Carlos and Esther.

  • Tumaini Travels
    February 23, 2014

    Hello Carlos!

    Thank you very much for your support. I have just replied to your email with more details about this project.

    If there is anyone else interested in this or other projects, please write to

    A thousand thanks in advance!


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