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India from a train

India from a train

Today I travelled by train for the first time. The trains are not too bad, although the seats are the most uncomfortable I have ever sat in, but it is still one of the safest ways to travel in India. 
As soon as the train left Amritsar, the carriages were practically empty, but little by little they filled up and as the train moved on, the procession of vendors increased. They sell anything you can imagine, from a lock for your suitcase to a doll, a piece of toilet paper, some delicious samosas or a spicy chai. There are also many people begging: a legless man crawling through the corridors in search of alms, little girls singing for a few rupees, blind people, people with deformed limbs... it is very shocking and sad. Probably many of these people, if they had been born in a country like ours, would have the right to a house and a pension, in short, to have the most dignified life possible, but they have had the misfortune of being born in a country where all this does not exist.

The second time I had to take a train was in Delhi. The most important Hindu festival (called Diwali) starts here in a few days and everyone takes the opportunity to travel home and meet up with their families. If you happen to catch Diwali (usually in November) it is best to travel by bus because the trains are not crowded, it is the next step. I had bought a ticket to travel to Jaipur and I was not able to get on the train because a lot of people travel without a ticket and their way to get on the train is to hang on the doors until the train starts and little by little they get in, some of them stay in the door for hours with the danger that this entails. As all the doors were blocked I couldn't get in and I didn't dare to hang on like them with my giant rucksack on my back and another quite heavy one on my chest, so I stayed there, running without understanding anything, with my ticket in my hand and exhausted by the effort of following the train for several minutes thinking that there would be a space to get in... A while later I was lucky enough to meet an Indian who had had the same thing happen to him and when the next train appeared 3 hours later we literally jumped inside with the train running... It was a bit stressful but fun, after almost 25 hours of travelling I arrived at my destination safe and sound.

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