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November 2013

Sa wat dee ka! (this is the greeting in Thai to say hello) This week I traveled to the island of Koh Chang, which literally translated would be the island of the elephants. It is the second largest island in Thailand and the closest to Bangkok, just 7 hours away by public transport. As soon as I saw it, the first thing that came to my mind is that it reminded me of the island of Lost, it has a 75% of almost completely virgin jungle, so

In contrast to the city of Bangkok from the bus you can see tarpaulins full of rice drying in the sun, wooden houses with uralite roofs, intense green crops, oxen, fruit trees, small Buddhist temples, entire families riding a scooter... The roads in Thailand are generally very good, here they drive in a more similar way to what we know in Europe, they don't use the horn constantly and they even use the turn signals for overtaking. I am going to Surin to visit a project related to

Today I traveled by train for the first time. The trains are not bad at all, although the seats are the most uncomfortable I have ever sat on, but despite this it is one of the safest ways to travel in India. As soon as they left Amritsar, the wagons were practically empty but little by little they filled up and as the train progresses the procession of vendors increases. They sell anything you can imagine, from a lock for the suitcase to a doll, a piece of

As you all know, many different religions coexist in India and within each of them there are curious things such as, for example, menstruating women cannot enter Jaimist temples since it is considered "impure" and neither can anyone wearing a leather article, in Buddhist temples you always have to walk clockwise chanting the mantras, in Sikh temples we are obliged to wash ourselves before entering and cover our hair, thus

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